Remove device and re-add failure - "Device not registered to owner."


  • Single account.
  • Gen 1 (I think) doorbell SKU - 8vr1s5-veu0

Last summer we experienced a minor brown-out (as they often occur in my area) and the Ring camera failed to re-connected. Many tries later, I gave up and recently wanted to try again. After multiple tries, I went for the hard reset (press orange button 15 seconds). I also removed the device from the account to so I could re-add the device as normal (as if it were new). Now, when using the “Set Up a Device” process and scanning the QR code, I receive, “This device is still registered to its owner.”

This happens on the exact same hardware and account used to set up the doorbell when it was new (an Android phone). There is only a single account attached to this device. There are three separate devices used to access the account (two phones an a computer) and both phones get the same error when trying to set up (app not installed on computer).

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I also know about the topic: Ownership of a Device and that is not a solution to this problem.

Is there a quick solution to this problem that I am missing? Is this a result of catching the Ring network (Ring System) in a bad state and all I have to do is wait?

Second issue - If I do get this device to re-add and still see the wifi (ssid for the device) not showing up is there some way to reset or troubleshoot this issue? Please note that I am fairly capable with electronics so don’t be afraid to get technical here (we’re beyond warranty and I’m about to crack this thing open and check it myself so any advice before I do that would be welcome).


Hi @FDRing. You would receive that message if you’re trying to set the Doorbell up under a different email address than it is already set up under. If you’ve already checked to ensure that you’re signed into the correct email address, then I would recommend you follow up with our support team on this matter as they’ll be able to take a closer look and offer more advanced troubleshooting support. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

To anyone reading this because of the same or similar problems, here were my two issues:

  1. “This device is still registered to its owner” - when trying to re-add a device that was removed. The proper account is being used.

  2. I minor power blink killed the wifi.

My background - 20+ year software developer with decent electronics knowledge.

Issue #1, above, fixed itself after an undetermined period of time (within a week). Having years and years of experience with massive data interfacing and being pretty much an expert with such, my guess is that when you “remove” a device, their system marks it for removal/deletion/whatever but doesn’t actually remove it until some scheduled routine runs. Until said routine runs, the device is still shown “against” your account when you try to add it, thus the “still registered” message.

I’m also betting that it would be insanely easy to compare the owner of the device with the account that is trying to re-install the device and at least provide a message specific to that situation so the user isn’t wondering what is going on. Ex.: “This device is not able to be added at this time…you may have removed it recently…please check back in X hours/days…”

It is probably the case that the vast majority of the users with this issue are having it because the device is indeed registered with another account and that person/account has not removed the device. Even then, considering this delay, if one person is transferring the physical device to another person, the second person is going to have to wait until the database “cleans up”.

Issue #2, I’ve seen reported all over. The circuitry in this generation (mentioned) device was apparently flawed. The power outage that started this entire thing was nothing notable. I have great wiring in my house and a myriad of wifi devices hooked up everywhere (light switches, light bulbs, echo devices, multiple PCs, WAPs, routers, etc.) many hooked straight into the A/C circuitry. My entire electrical service was upgraded several months before I bought the device so everything from the easement to my house was tip-top.

I’m guessing the failures like this are probably not unknown to the engineers but are in the single digits (percentage-wise) for this particular model. I’m probably one of the unlucky ones.

In any case, thanks for replying I guess. I thought I would at least write in an attempt find some way to salvage this device.