Removal ofmotion sensors

I am in the process of decorating and need to remove my motion sensors from the walls but every time i try to delete the sensor it says communication error.
So i go to device /which sensor/device settings/then remove device but it just says “something went wrong, we had problems communicating with your device, Please try again” so then i go bk and click on retry connection which it says if there is connectivity issues i shud try this option. but then it says my sensor is connected to base station … so i am at a loss as to wots wrong. Anyone help please

Hi @user48500. If you are wanting to temporarily disable your Motion Detectors while you are decorating and plan to still use them after, I recommend just removing the batteries from them and putting them back in once you put the Motion Detectors back up. If you remove them from the system, you will have to do a new setup for each one to get them back online. If you still want to remove them from the system, let me know if you are using 1st or 2nd generation Motion Detectors. They both have different steps to take when removing them from the system.