Remote Reconnect when Doorbell Drops from Wi-Fi

My Ring Video Doorbell 2 frequently drops its connection. I live in a busy city and so there is likely to be significant interference (I get it and have tried everything I can on my home internet and with my ISP). But once it drops…that’s it. As others have noted, there’s no notification and there’s no way to reconnect it unless you’re physically at home.

This defeats the whole purpose of these devices, is a critical hole in Ring’s supposed commitment to security, and seems fairly easy to fix. Please allow remote reconnections (or better yet automatic where the device periodically tries to reconnect on its own).

Is there an answer to this?
I have the same problem and need to remotely reset!! @Ringuser61616

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Still no reply from ring customer support.

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+1 on this. I have two stick up cameras and a doorbell and one of the cameras has gone offline. All three were fully charged at the same time shortly before I went away last week, and the two more frequently used ones are still very full, so most likely not a battery issue. This camera is also in the same room as my router, so connectivity is also not the issue, otherwise all three would have gone offline, and the other two devices are further away. So it looks like a one-off disconnect. I still have the two outdoor devices, so some level of security, but I’m away for another week and that offline cam is going to bug me. There needs to be a way to get the cameras reconnected remotely, for when someone is away from home for an extended period of time. Even some kind of firmware update where an offline device keeps attempting to reconnect while the owners are still away would be good.


I would also like an answer to this!

I have a wired Doorbell and wired Spotlight cam. Both went offline and I am away on extended business. Now these cameras are useless. If this issue is not addressed in the near future Ring will have to be replaced by a more reliable product.

It is a shame because up until this issue I have been super pleased with their performance. For security, we need more than eye candy. The product needs to be reliable.

Heck, even my old cheapo cameras come back online automatically after a power interruption. It is not rocket science. A simple firmware update is all that is required.