Remote install?

I am currently away from my home due to military training.
I’ll be away from my home for quite some time.
I have horrible neighbors that have been harassing my property.
I have purchased a security camera for the side of my home because I suspect they have broken my home’s water pipe.
My uncle is to stop by my home and install it.
How can I get it installed on my app to show.
If I’m not physically there to connect it to the wifi and scan the code?

Hi Gable, sorry to hear what you’re going through. Why not just have your uncle get everything set up for you including scanning the code? He can set himself up as the account holder (even using your name I would imagine), give you the password etc. and then you can log in under that same account. Then, you can always change the password if you don’t want your uncle to have access. If you are saying he can’t get in the house, I think the setup might still work although Ring does say the camera should be placed very close to your router - but it may be close enough to work even trying outside.

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