Regret buying this

Got the ring doorbell 2 and used my free mth (30) days use, but before we got to the end of the 30 days all the videos had gone and there was some i wanted to keep, but it seems since we have paid for the 12mth plan the service has really been a big let down, the app next to useless as it will not load on my iphone 7 always come up with a error and with “please try again later” ??
The ad`s on the TV show you chatting to people or even see who is at your door, oh hold on it all depends on how good your internet is?? and that the killer this is just a expensive door bell that is depends on your internet service (wi-fi)

I’m not seeing any history for today. We just paid for the upgrade 6 days ago - and it was working fine. I feel like this is a server issue at the moment.

There is a service issue right now. You can always check it here.

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Hey there! Some neighbors were experiencing difficulty with playback of some of their recordings or having a delay, but this has since been resolved. @Eagle328 Thank you for sharing the status link, as it’s good to always double check this if you are experiencing any lapse in your device’s working state.

Please also be aware that you will need to have an active subscription with no lapse in service in order to not lose any videos. Therefore, any videos that have been deleted from the lapse will no longer be available. @Megamix I will make sure I pass on your feedback to the appropriate team as we are always looking to improve the experience of our devices and system for our neighbors. :slight_smile:

No product is perfect and while I like the Ring doorbells I have there are things I’d like to change. I’ve installed several for my neighbors as well and they are reasonably satisfied. That said, it’s a reasonably good product and it does what they say it will do. The biggest issue I find it IS a fairly complex product that will not work well if you do not have solid, reliable, average to fast Internet service AND excellent WiFi coverage in the intended installation location.

So yes, it depends on YOUR internet service and YOUR WiFi quality. If you cheaped out on either of those you will be dissatisfied most likely. What is puzzling is you seem to be surprised by this. Almost all computer and security related products have the same requirements these days. The sales literature does mention this.

So first, you need to verify whether your internet and/or Wi-Fi is the problem. Get an app called “Speedtest” on your phone and go outside where your doorbell button is installed. Make sure your hone is connected to your home WiFi and turn off cellular data n your phone. Now run Speedtest and. See how fast it is on upload, download, and check how many lost packets you have, if any. If your download is less than 25mbit/sec or your upload is less than 5 or if you have ANY lost packets you need to upgrade your internet service, home WiFi or likely both.

May not be the answer you want to hear but that’s about the barest minimum it takes to play into today’s connected world and that is truly the bottom of the barrel. If you are going to start using cloud connected video cameras and done want to pull your hair out, best to start with 50-100mb service and move up from there.

Id also advise you have a professional install your equipment. It will cost you a bit more but You’ll get better results and you’ll be a lot happier.

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