Reducing the SSI

I have a Ring doorbell and my SSI number is 83, which is totally rubbish.
I have the Ring WiFi extender, which to be honest, really makes no difference. So the result is a delay in me getting notified that someone is at the door and it’s then too late for anything !!

I do have reasonably fast WiFi around all my home, so that’s not the issue.
If I look at the Ring help section, it mentions walls, instructions other electrical items, which in my opinion is just a excuse they use because the Ring doorbells just aren’t up to scratch. Why does anyone develop a wireless doorbell and then say that obstructions such as walls will effect the coverage.
I have tried relocating the Ring WiFi extender all over the house and it makes no difference at all . Between the doorbell and my home router, there is one plasterboard wall, and then the outside wall which has plasterboard on the inside and one layer of bricks on the outside. If this is a problem, houses with solid brick walls must find this product useless.

When I bring the doorbell into the house to charge the battery which is in the same room as my router the SSI goes down to mid 40s.
Any SENSIBLE ideas or suggestions before I look at another more reliable brand. I’m not really interested in someone quoting what’s in the Ring help section because, yes, I do have walls and other electrical items in my house and using WiFi !!!

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Hi there, @152bobby. Distance and interference are among the most common culprits in wifi interference. Limiting both can certainly help to improve RSSI. As you mentioned having a Ring Chime Pro, this is a great way to dedicate an extender to only your Ring devices. Please ensure this Chime Pro is fully connected to your Video Doorbell as the Doorbell’s network connection method, and not just linked for sound.

Once you’ve confirmed the Video Doorbell is using the Chime Pro network, finding an outlet that is half way between your router and Doorbell is best. Feel free to also check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your reply. Apart from the ring tone coming out of the chime pro extender when someone presses the doorbell, where do I look to see if it’s connected, obviously somewhere within the ring app .