Reduced Video Bitrate

I have 2 floodlights and they are both working great. They were installed 4 weeks ago.

I have been downloading some videos of interests since mid January until today (Feb 9) and noticed that the video quality today is much more grainy and not as sharp as the previous ones (as recently as Feb 4). I checked out the bitrate of the videos and noticed the bitrate has been reduced to about a third (~1 Kb/s vs ~ 3 Kb/s).

Can Ring confirm this please?

Thank you.


Hi @tqn. Your video quality is dependent on the connection and signal strength that your camera has. You can verify this by looking at what your RSSI for your camera is. You can learn more about your RSSI in our Community post here. Please note that internet service providers can also limit your data usage if you have certain limitations for the plan you pay for. It may be best to reach out to them as well to see if you’ve had any increases in usage that has bogged down the quality of your video.

Thank you for your information.

I’ll check the upload speed of my 4G broadband connection. The RSSI number of both floodlights is -51 (middle range).

Anyway, it’s good to know that Ring does not reduce the bitrate.

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