Red light on ring siren?

Hi when I arm my ring alarm to away mode should my outdoor siren have a red ring around it to say it’s armed ? I thought this was the case and it would make sense but it doesn’t seem to happen when I arm my alarm to away mode. I would expect it to have a red light on it to show people my alarm is armed ?

You don’t want to have something show that your system is armed - if you forget to set the system then everyone would know its not armed.

I don’t understand that logic, cars have red flashing bulbs in their windows the moment you lock the door, the whole purpose of an alarm is a deterrent , if they see a siren with a red light, and every other house on the street hasn’t got one they are gonna stay away from the one with the red light for sure.

The difference is you expect an empty parked car to be locked and alarmed. If someone sits and watches your house, and works out every time you set the alarm and leave it starts flashing - the one time you leave it it doesn’t they know you didnt set it. Some sirens will flash continually regardless if they are armed or not, but having something only flash when armed is a really bad idea.