Red light (Chime 2nd Generation)

The Chime worked for over 8 months.
A few days ago, I noticed that the green lamp began to blink.

Found information on the internet. There it was written that you need to set up an Internet connection.

Through the application I set up according to the instructions: the green lamp blinks, then the blue one burns. After the step where there is a connection to the Wi-Fi, the red lamp starts to burn constantly.

An error appears in the application: Hmm. Something went wrong.

Tell me what to do? Throw it in the trash or can it be fixed?
Router restarted. Did not help.

There is no insurance for the device.
Bought in May 2021.

Thank you.

Hi @68f58841a4dce84665d1d31c5a5cf5. This Help Center article here has information on troubleshooting your Chime. I would start with rebooting your internet router and then attempt to reconnect to WiFi.