recover event

i lost my event history how can I get it back

Do you have a plan? Are were you using the free trial?


If you were using a free trial you would need to pay for the plan now.
If you have a plan already, then there’s something wrong.
Sorry, I asked two different questions but you gave one answer…

How can I access my history after I paid up for a plan ?

I see the history in the app but the movies aren’t playing

Hi @JDM1! As long as the subscription was active during the time of the events, the recording will be available. If the recording, or event, happened prior to purchasing subscription, those videos are not able to be viewed.

If you have been subscribed and these events occurred while subscribed, you should certainly be able to play these videos back. I recommend checking on wifi signal, and mobile device connection to ensure it can stream, or play video recordings. Please also ensure VPN is disabled on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Very clear. This answers my question. Meanwhile I subscribed and all is working !

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