Recording length and zones

We can set recording lengths up to 2 minutes. We can also set motion zones. HOWEVER if you have motion zones on then it does NOT record for the full 2 mins! That’s absurd!!! It trims the “empty footage” According to the app, but some of it is NOT EMPTY! it is trimming it to random times even if motion is still happening! & regardless we should have the option for it to not trim anything at all! If I have a zone set it’s because I WANT FOOTAGE FROM THAT ZONE! But because of how you guys have it set up, I can’t get footage from that zone for 2 mins. Only for however long the ai determines it should record for regardless of how long I have it set for.
Also why cant you guys have it set so that it continues recording for as long as there is motion, REGARDLESS of how long it is?! If there’s action in my driveway for 30 minutes because someone’s rummaging through my truck that long then it should record for that long! So why the time limit? And why the trimming of footage if we have zones set? I missed a crime last night because it got a capture right before, and then it picked up the motion AFTER. But didn’t get the entire thing at all?! So the cops have nothing to go off of. Then today, a car almost hit my house. And the motion picked up the car as its driving off because that’s when it got into the pre-determined zone set by YOU! And then it recorded for 2 mins. But had I had an advanced zone set then it would’ve seen the car peel out, slide a bit, but then the footage would’ve cut off before ever seeing it almost hit my house! Because it wouldn’t have recorded the whole time. Which again is ABSURD!!! Had I been able to have my zones set and have the 2 min recording time also set and honored then it wouldve captured the entire event. But nope! At this point, with the way you guys limit the settings, it renders these cameras pretty useless. I see people continuing to ask and suggest the SAME THINGS REPEATEDLY, it is what the customers WANT, so WHY not actually provide some sort of update that will allow for the things we want and thought we were paying for?! You’re going to end up sued for false and misleading advertising at this point because you advertise we can set a recording time and a motion zone but that’s false because we CANNOT do both together! Fix this issue. I’m seriously considering returning my devices and going with another company.
Please allow zones and the ability to record for as long as we choose. Don’t even limit it to only two lousy minutes. But if anything then at least do that.