Recessed front door

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to improve our view? Our door sits back from the brick so the entire ride side of our camera is blocked.

Hey @Sngood8. It may be best to get a Spare Parts Kit and relocate the Ring Pro to on the bricks. Or, if you could fashion some sort of wooden spacer, that may also work. Best of luck!

We had a similar issue, so I 3D printed an extender to get the doorbell past the house.
I’ve got my own printer, but I know in my area the libraries have them and will will let you use a 3D printer for materials cost. This was probably about 20 cents of materials, but at the Library might be a couple of bucks.

There are some existing 3d models for free out there on Thingiverse. (I remade one since I have a very big gap to get past the house…

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Hey @z28lt1. Thanks for sharing! That looks great!