Recently moved

Need help accessing ring doorbell due to recent move


I recently moved and don’t have access to the ring doorbell already installed at the home. I am unsure which model, no equipment to charge (not sure if battery powered but did hear low ring inside home) and can’t unscrew the security screws since I don’t have the tool. I also called support and they mentioned they need MAC address but can’t open doorbell. Can someone help or how can I unscrew? Thank you

You need a Torx Security screwdriver. It is different than a regular Torx because it has a small pin hole in the end to match the pin in the screwhead, so a regular Torx will not fit! I believe the one for my doorbell is a T10. You can buy a whole set of bits at Harbor Freight cheap. Or, take your doorbell to Menards with you and make sure you get the correct size screwdriver… Has to be a Torx security screwdriver, Regular Torx will not go into the screw head and will just ruin the screw.