Recent update

Recent update (Dec 21) have trouble with security cameras opening in live view… no issues with wifi internet 645 mbps download 30 mbps upload…all camera RSSI are at acceptable levels

If you are using Android, have you tried clearing the cache and/or storage for the app?

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Running iPad IOS 15 / iPhone 12 Pro Max… last update was when it 2 ring doorbells plus battery camera work fine… Wired lighted security cameras having the issues….

Have you tried accessing your Live View from If it works fine there, you can rule out the hardware and the internet connection as the issue (as was the case with my devices).

I have had nothing but trouble with Live View since October, especially on my Floodlight Cam. I’m on Android, but my daughter’s iPhone 11 has the same issue from her app. Clearing caches, uninstalling/reinstalling the app has not helped in our cases. I’ve had to roll back the app to v3.35 (February) - in that version, Live View works perfectly on all my devices.

All that said, it’s an issue with the newest version(s) of the app. Would be awesome if Ring paid some attention to it. @Marley_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring