Receiving notifications if Camera is no longer connected to network

Does anyone know if there is a setting that can be turned on that would enable notifications a wireless camera is no longer connected to a network or Wifi? For example, if the internet should go out or someone should happen to unplug the router, you would receive a notification telling you so.
The only way I can tell now is to keep opening the app and looking. If there was to be an ‘internet outage’ or the router is unplugged you have no way of knowing and it just looks like there is no activity or the camera has not detected anything for that period of time when in actuality there is.
This actually creates blind spots in your monitoring.
For example. Fictitiously, if your teenager were to unplug the router and leave the house for a period of time and then come back home and plug it back in you would have way of knowing they left during the time it was unplugged. And unless you are constantly watching the app to see if the camera is connected to the network it just looks like nothing is happening.

No there is no such setting.
I vaguely remember someone making a Feature Suggestion here (Feature Request Board - Ring Community). You might try and find it and vote on it. The more votes the more likely Ring will take notice. If there isn’t one you might create your own.