How do we find out if our device is in the recall list


Add me to the list wondering.

This has already out in the media with Ring’s instruction to consult the webste. I’ve been all over the web site (this type of thing shouldn’t be buried deep on a blog or FAQ, but pop out when logging in. Thanks.


I am looking to find out whether mine is under recall as well.

Add me to the list of people looking for information. Silence sends its own message.

Hi neighbors. To find out if you have a Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) that has been affected, take a look at this Help Center article here. This will show you where your serial number is located and how to enter that information to see if you are on the list. If you are unsure of what device you have, you can verify by looking on the back of the Doorbell and it will read, "Video Doorbell (2nd Generation). Thank you!


When the serial number of my device is entered into that search, it just comes back as Invalid S/N. I double checked it, and I know I’m entering the correct serial number. I have a Video Doorbell 3. Is that not a 2nd generation?

It would be helpful if the query message was a bit more helpful. The text below is what I’m getting.

Results:Invalid DSN | Invalid Request Type

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Your recall site says invalid dsn no matter what you type.

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It did the same thing for me but I think I know why. This recall is for 2nd generation Ring which is the second generation of the first Ring (Ring 1.) I have Ring 2 so not part of recall.

You might want to clarify to people this recall is for the second generation of the first Ring. I think Ring 2 owners are confused thinking it’s Ring 2s. I know I was.

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Ring support does not give any info - I put in my

s/n number with and without the BHL and tells me invalid query. Not helpful at all. Add me to the list if wondering if I am on the recall list. I have the Video Doorbell Pro bought last November from Bed Bath and Beyond. Is this the 1st or 2nd generation Ring. How can anyone tell. Ring must do a better job of notifying customers if they are impacted.

Keep put in serial number and get error message

Very frustrating. Getting error message

I also am getting an invalid serial number when I search.

All these Ring products are not part of the recall:

  • Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
    -Ring Pro Video Doorbell

This only affects Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) this model was released in 2020

if you bought your Ring Video doorbell before 2020 it is not part of this recall.

Also I should point out this is only a recall on the instructions included in the box. The product itself is not recalled. Seems some people used the wood screws which are used to mount it to the side of the house instead of the small security lock screws that are actually meant to be used.


Thanks @Batfez ! You can learn more about the Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) recall, here.