Reboot Ring devices via app and/or permit WiFi fast-roaming (IEEE 802.11r)

Please update the App to allow device reboots from the app. All the devices.

I see that this has been a request for several years and it is disappointing that this has not been addressed.

Use case: Homes with multiple WiFi access points (APs). When APs are rebooted the Ring devices might reconnect to an AP that does not provide optimal connectivity.

Two solutions:

  • Configure all Ring devices to permit fast-roaming (IEEE 802.11r) so that they can roam to an optimal access point.
  • Reboot Ring devices via the app. This should be configured. Period. It is incredibly disappointing that this is not already configured in the app. But, if you can’t configure fast-roaming this would give users the ability to cause the Ring device to reboot in the hopes that it will associate with a more optimal AP.

Thank you for considering these options.