Reassigning an account

My husband passed away unexpectedly in Aug. Now that it’s just me and my son, I decided to add an alarm system and indoor cameras to our existing outdoor camera system. I called Ring to have me replaced as the owner of the account. I provided the death certificate which should suffice. But no, not only do you need a death certificate, you also need:

And one of the following:
- A notarized letter of appointment naming you as the Executor of the deceased estate OR

  • A letter of appointment naming another person as Executor and the Executor provides a notarized document showing written consent to transfer the account to you; OR
  • Copy of the decedent’s will, trust, power of attorney, or other document clearly evidencing the deceased’s consent to transfer the account to you.
  • Notarized documentation proving ownership change.

Why should a person be required to send more than a death certificate? It’s a security system, not a bank account.

It’s bad enough people are grieving and you make it that much more difficult. Getting my husband’s name removed from the Ring account is the MOST difficult road block I’ve encountered.

I was just on the phone with customer service for 1:44 hours and nothing was resolved. I see why more and more people are leaving Ring for Nest.

An extremely disgruntled customer,

Hi @Fluffybutt. My condolences. I know this can be a difficult time and I understand this may not be easy to accomplish. For legal reasons, there are specific guidelines and procedures that have to be followed. Alternatively, If you have access to the Ring App, you can Change Your Email under the settings, as outlined in this Help Center Article here. I hope this helps.