Rear floodlights remaining on for Ring Floodlight Cam

My floodlights for my rear/backyard security camera remain on all night. I have the camera set to the lowest setting for detection sensitivy, and I have the selection for time light remains on for detection to 1 minute. My front security camera light is fine but I am unsure as to why the rear security camera floodlight is remaining on all night. Thank you in advance anyone who may have an idea of what is happening.

Hi @mattwwin! Great call on altering your motion settings to improve this experience. There are some additional light settings that might be of some assistance. In your Ring app, when visiting the Floodlight Cam device page, you will see a device settings option. There will be an option in your device settings called light settings which allows light zones and sensitivity to be changed.

You Floodlight Camera has two types of motion. One that activates lights and one that activates the Camera. As you know, the motion that activates your Camera will additionally trigger lights for a set period of time. The motion that triggers your lights can certainly cause the lights to turn on without the Camera sensing motion. This is because the Floodlights can be triggered within a 270 degree field of view, and by heat signatures or other movement in the environment. Check out our help center article for visual and more information on this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: