Really? You are charging for additional "Protected by ring" window stickers?

This is FREE advertising for your products, not to mention that a 3-pack of stick-up cameras comes with only ONE sticker - it would be smart to provide a minimum of 1 sticker per camera. I’ve spent over $1000 on RING products - including three 3-packs of SUC - and I’ve also called twice now to request additional stickers - the first customer service rep (Shannon) said she would send 6 additional stickers but only 1 arrived, and the second (Vincent) told me 4 additional stickers are available - for $4.99! This is a very short-sighted customer service mistake that you need to correct, or you won’t stay in business versus the competition - please, common sense! Thanks - otherwise, I love your products!

They probably don’t do that because people sell the stickers on eBay.

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