Re: Labels

just need some help. have tried for two days to contact

still no luck…

i have a Flood Light w Camera, i purchased, used my email address to buy and set up…/

contract/trial expired now when i log in all it say is i am SHARED USER…

how do i find out who is the master user ???

just wanna pay RING>COM a subscription fee never thought this could be so difficult

thanks for your help

Hi @camerawithoutanoptio! As long as you are logging in to the same account you used for setting up your Ring device, you should be accessing the owner account. Please ensure the email address is not listed in your app as a shared user, and that you are not added as a shared user to someone else’s Ring devices. When logging into your account at you should see a “My Plans” section which will walk you through subscribing for your location or device.

If this concern persists, our support team is happy to assist further by phone. :slight_smile: