Rapid ring notifications not working

I’ve had the Ring app on my phone for a while, but it’s very slow - I can come home and go right through the house before I get the notification that I’ve arrived. If it’s trying to alert me to motion it’s worse, by the time it’s alerted me and I’ve unlocked and fired up the app, the person at the door has usually given up and gone away.

I was pleased to learn then of “rapid ring” which should be a lot faster, but it doesn’t work. All the app notifications continue to come through the full blown app. If I turn off notifications in the Ring App, I get nothing at all.

Any ideas as to how to get Rapid Rng working?

I’m on android 7.1.2, rapid ring 1.9.0

Hi neighbors! The Ring app notifications will be dedicated to the app being used. This means that the Rapid Ring app will not notify, if your regular Ring app is enabled for notifications. Try removing and reinstalling both, then toggling on motion alerts in only the app you wish to notify you. Please also ensure there is not a motion schedule setting that might be interfering with your alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Re: Rapid ring notifications not working