Rapid ring has connection issues but ring app doesn't

Hi all

I know Ring had a pretty awful track record when it comes to WiFi, and the wireless NIC inside ring kit is terrible (my phone and laptop connect from the nature reserve opposite my house but my ring stuff doesn’t connect from 10 metres away) but this one is weird.

I have to use the rapid ring app because I find the main app to be super slow when connecting to live view, however I get weird green lines and pixelated video with connection warnings on it, whereas the normal app streams fine. It’s a little jumpy but viewable.

Any ideas why rapid ring would claim my connection is poor but the other one doesn’t?

I have a very strong WiFi setup and 1GB internet so it’s not that. And like I said, my WiFi reaches the grass field opposite my house, through trees and I can stream 4k at the end of my garden.

RSI is excellent and health report agrees.

If you are using an Android then delete the cache for the app first. If that doesn’t work then delete the storage and re-login.

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