Rapid Ring Error

Noticing I was no longer getting notificatons for over a day. I opened the app and I kept getting the black error at the bottom. After a few times it loaded the camera and alerts started again. I am not sure what caused the error as I even rebooted my phone today and it did not fix it.

Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the Rapid Ring App? Also, please make sure you are on the most up to date version!

Does high wind have anything to do with whether the ring stays online and working? Why should you have to reinstall all the time?

High winds have nothing to do with your Ring device unless winds are causing motion alerts and/or causing power outages or issues to your ISP.

I am back to getting this error. I have not received notifications for a couple days and all I get is the error message. I have rebooted my phone and no luck fixing the issue.