Rapid Ring app : I'm confused

I just now downloaded the rapid ring app on my tablet.

  • How does this app interact with the other app ?

  • When I open the rapid app it shows my device and says ‘alerts disabled’

  • When I click on the settings icon (in the rapid app) the bell (ring ?) icon is highlighted but the motion icon is disabled.

  • When I hit the back arrow I am returned to a ‘Ring Cameras’ page which says alerts disabled. Has that affected the settings in the ‘other’ app ? At the bottom of the page is ‘Open the Ring App’. Which app is that ?

If this feature is so significant why isn’t it incorporated into the other ring app ?

Perhaps this whole thing is intuitive to you young people - but perhaps you needs a disclaimer along the lines of ‘not suitable for people over the age of X’.

Hi @charlies. The Rapid Ring app is used specifically for Live View. The settings in the Ring app and completely separate for the Rapid Ring app. When you get Rapid Ring alerts, and you open those alerts, they will take you to the Rapid Ring app. The Rapid Ring app is just there to give you a quicker response to pulling up the Live View of your Cameras. I hope this information helps!