Range Extender status in app

I know customer support can tell me if a specific contact sensor (or motion sensor) in my Ring Alarm system is connected directly to the base station or to one of my range extenders, but it would be nice if I could see these details myself in the Ring app, maybe under the Advanced settings for a sensor? Please consider adding this to the app, thanks!

I second this request. I am occasionally seeing issues where my Ring devices are reporting poor connectivity but I can tell if it’s to the ranger extender or an attempt to connect to distant base station. When talking with tech support, they can see the ranger extender connections, so it should be easy to make available to customers. It might even save some tech support calls, helping everyone.

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This is ridiculous You have to phone tech support to see if your range extender is working or not. And this is a tech company. Or at least they think that they are.