Range extender offline/online daily

My range extender goes offline pretty much once a day, different times though they mainly end times with 4 minutes (HH:M4). It’s at a vacation house so I can’t do a lot until I go back there, and it worked fine for about 8 months and now in the last month and a half this has started to happen. No issues with other products (keypad, cameras, motion, door sensor, smoke, etc.). Any ideas what to try or check?

Hey @Tjmorris, have you tried reaching out to our support team for this? It’s possible that your Range Extender may have a weak signal strength, which is normally the reason why your Alarm device would go offline. I recommend reaching out to them here, as they can take a look at what the signal is like for you and give you steps to perform to adjust it when you are back at your vacation home.