Quickly Disable/Enable mechanical doorbell for baby nap times

We have a mechanical doorbell and keep a sign on our door during our baby’s nap times to tell delivery people not to ring the doorbell. Sometimes they ignore the sign and do it anyway and wake our baby.

It would be helpful if we could quickly enable/disable the doorbell during these nap times — Extra helpful if we could schedule these Disable and Enable times.


I would love to have it connected to the chime snooze feature as well. I’ve also suggested linking the snooze feature of the chime to Alexa’s “Do not disturb” so if i have a routine that disables the announcements, it can also disable the chime and the internal doorbell ringing as well.

I would also find this feature very useful

I bought the Ring Pro for this very feature, and it’s buried so deep in the options, it’s almost not worth using, especially since I also have to remeber to turn the doorbell back on when my son gets up (which is a pretty chaotic time)