Questions on Stick Up Cam Solar

Trying to decide which camera will be best, looking at Stick Up Cam Solar vs Spotlight Cam Wired. (The light is not important it’s more about price). My concern is that if I am away for a month or more, and unable to physically remove and recharge the battery myself at random times. Product info says it has duakl power - battery and solar to keep the battery charged.

Can any users here comment on how well the solar/battery combo works? Does the solar keep the battery sufficiently topped up indefinitely? Is it effectively hands off? Does the solar require constant full sunshine to generate enough charge for the battery? I’m in the South east so we get some overcast weather, clouds, rain, etc. It’s not full sun all the time like Arizona for example.

Thanks for any comments!

Hi Solaris. I recommend going with the spotlight cam solar. I run 3 of these and one stick up cam solar. The spotlights have been solid and the solar panel does a great job of keeping the battery at or near 100% for over two years. I recently added a stick up cam solar. While I find the picture is a slightly better definition, I am having multiple issues with timely motion activation and it’s locked up twice on me already. In order to reset the spotlight you have to unscrew the mount from the mounted surface and unscrew the bottom of the camera to access the reset button. The spotlight cam reset button you can access directly from the top of the camera. Been completely happy with my spotlight cam solars. Not impressed with the performance of the stick up cam so far. Hope this helps