Question about ring smart lights at a different address.

Can I install a Smart Light at my mom’s house and connect it to my ring account even if it’s at a different address without a Ring Base Station? It seems from everything I’m reading is that they can basically be installed anywhere and connected you your account as long as the place they are installed has good WiFi and a bridge. Is this correct? I don’t want to buy it to find out it won’t connect to my account if it’s at a different address, or If it doesn’t have a ring base station.

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Good question @Phadley03! You are most certainly able to setup Smart Lighting at multiple locations, while being able to monitor/ control them via the Ring app under one account. Keep in mind, if you are wanting mom to control or be able to change settings on these lights, she would too need access to your account.

As the Bridge is needed for communication and Ring app control of your Smart Lights, each individual location would need it’s own Bridge. Additionally, the setup process can only be done on site which means yourself, or mom, would have to complete the setup of these devices in the Ring app, in order to connect to the location’s wifi and Bridge. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: