QR Code & MAC ID - Anti-Theft

I have noticed inside of my Ring stick up camera’s battery compartment has both QR code and MAC ID for setup purposes. I am wondering what if I remove both stickers from the device and then mark the exterior of the device that it has no QR code or MAC ID, would that makes the theft to give up thought of stealing it?

Second question is does Ring offers temper proof security screw instead of standard philip screws? If so, what is the part number for the replacement screw?

Hi @CharlieT.When you register a Ring device to your account by setting up the device, this makes you the owner. If anything were to happen to your device, you will still be listed as the owner, unless you remove the device from your Ring app. We do not recommend our neighbors to tamper with the QR code or MAC ID as it could affect the device’s warranty or any possible replacements a neighbor may need. You can learn more about ownership in our Ring Help Center Article here.

While we do not have any additional screw types at this time, this is great feedback! I will make sure to pass this onto the appropriate team for you. We value the feedback we get some our neighbors so we can work to improving our products and systems everyday.

Thank you, Chelsea! Your response is **reassuring. ** Currently, the device is still un-tampered. So, why some device still gets stoled knowing owner still has the ownership? just curious…