Q: What kind of affiliation does Ring have with police and fire agencies and can these public safety agencies access my videos and information?

A: The Neighbors Public Safety Service is an extension of the Neighbors app that allows police and fire agencies to engage directly with our customers. We want to share details about how we’ve designed the Neighbors Portal:

  • No access to devices. Police and fire agencies are never given access to users’ cameras or devices through the Neighbors Portal or by Ring.
  • No direct access to users when making video requests. Your local agencies can use Neighbors to request assistance in an investigation. To protect your privacy and your ability to decline the request, police and fire agencies must go through the Neighbors Portal when making a request. You have control – if you choose not to share, or you opt out of future requests, your local public safety agencies will never know as you’ll remain totally anonymous.
  • No user account information. Users are identified in the Neighbors Portal only as “Neighbor #."

Although these agencies know the users posting content reside within their jurisdiction, your local police and fire agencies cannot see or access user account information.

  • No device location. The Neighbors Portal does not provide said agencies with the addresses at which any devices are located.

As a Ring customer, you place your trust in us to help protect your home and community, and we take that responsibility seriously. We will continue to prioritize privacy, security, and user control as we pursue and improve technologies to help achieve our mission of making neighborhoods safer. For reference and further information: https://shop.ring.com/pages/neighbors or https://blog.ring.com/