Q: I see events on my account I did not initiate and/or a shared user I do not recognize. Can you help explain these?

A: It’s always important to ensure that you’re seeing accurate time stamped events and active shared users that you are aware of within your Ring app. Whenever you see events show up that you may not recall initiating, verify first if the event could possible be a Linked Device event. You can learn more about Linking Your Ring Devices Together for Enhanced Security.

In regards to any shared users, you can verify who is currently set up as a shared user in your Ring app through the steps outlined in Controlling Ring Devices With Users and Roles. You can also learn more about what Allowed Access Shared Users have too. If in the case you look into your Ring app and you’re still concerned about these events or users and are unable to manage them, you can always reach out directly to our support team here for further assistance.

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