Q: How do I manage my Two-Step Verification?

A: Two-Step Verification is a mandatory additional layer of security for all Ring customer accounts that helps prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your Ring account, even if they have your username and password. You can have your Two-Step Verification set up to send a code to you via email or text message whenever you are logging in. While we offer both email and text messages, Two-Step verification by text message helps you maintain control of your Ring account if something happens to your email account (for example, if you lose access to your email account or it is compromised), because the verification code is sent to your phone. In addition, you are more likely to already be on your phone if you use the Ring app more often, thus making it easier to see the text message as it pops up.

You can learn more about Changing Your Two-Step Verification Delivery Mode to Text Message and Enhancing Security with Two-Step Verification. We’ve also built the Control Center within the Ring App. You can access this to view and manage important privacy and security settings, including Shared Users and Authorized Client Devices. Learn more about How to: Ring Account Security in our Community article.

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