Purchased from Facebook marketplace previously owner still has it registered and cannot contact them anymore what do I do

I purchased a ring a doorbell from a woman I met on marketplace on Facebook when I tried connecting the device to all of my Internet etc. it says that she is still registered to the device what do I do now how do I get it on a registered under her name or what not

@Gfost10 Previous owner needs to delete/deregister the device from their account.

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Hi @Gfost10. Like @bemak187 mentioned, you’ll need to have the original owner remove the Ring Doorbell from her Ring account so you can set it up under your account. You can read more on the ownership of Ring devices in our Help Center Article here, which will also point to our support team if you aren’t able to reach the original owner and resolve it that way. I hope that helps point you in the right direction. :slight_smile: