Providing Guidelines when Sharing Video from Feed

Hi Ring,
I just had a very unpleasant experience posting for the first time in the Ring community. I shared a video from my Ring feed, of someone ringing my doorbell then taking a package from my front porch, instead of creating new post from the Home page. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an option to choose the category of my post. Unknowingly to me, my post became categorized as “Crime”, when I was going for “Unexpected Activity”. Then I started getting bombarded with mean comments calling me an ■■■■■ for “accusing someone for a crime” when I wasn’t trying to accuse anyone, I was just trying to share with the community of an experience I am unfamiliar with and see if someone can enlighten me on the situation.
I see that Ring has posting guidelines when you try to create a new post, but why isn’t it available when you share a video directly from the feed? Also, since I wasn’t able to choose the category when I share a video, why am I not able to change the category of my posting AFTER the post is created either?

This is some feedback I wish Ring could work on, since it creates misleading posts that others in the community may misunderstand.
Thank you.


I had a situation that leads to an idea for RING:
Police came to our door, wanting to view our ring video of house across the street. Since we hated having continual notifications for our busy street, we narrowed view to only our property. We were unable to help in a crime. So here’s my idea… figure out a way for Ring to view my entire scope, but then allow me to select the area (my property lines) for which I want to be bothered by notifications…I won’t even charge you for this idea…but a bonus would be nice.