Protect Pro Plan Notification

Apparently there is a new Ring Protect Plan coming…Ring Protect Pro. Based on the notification on my Ring app that I can not get rid of, you will need the Pro plan to continue 24/7 monitoring. I am sure it will cost more. Don’t bother calling Ring and spending 15 minutes on hold…they can not release any information on the new plans. Also, don’t bother clicking the link on your notification that says “upgrade to ring protect pro plan now”, because you know…no information. I am starting to regret my recent purchase to set up my ring alarm.

I got the notice as well, but when I click on the notice I eventually get to my Plan page and it says I’m up-to-date. I did install a new device 2 days ago and the notice says I have 28 days to go to sign up. I just figure it’s an error but we will all have to wait and see what comes out.
If there’s a new plan then great. It’ll be interesting to see what features it might bring at what price point.
I on the other hand have no regrets in purchasing Ring. It’s not perfect by any means but for it’s price I couldn’t beat it with other local alarm companies available to me.

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