Protect Plus Plan Tied to Incorrect Address from Google Maps

My account is stuck with an incorrect address from Google Maps.

I have created a new, correct, address.

But I cannot move my device to that address because my plan is tied to the incorrect address.

Unfortunately I pre-paid for an entire year of the Protect Plus plan. I really regret that now.

I thought I would be able to get a certificate for professional alarm monitoring.

It turns out I also have to buy an alarm system in addition to the products that I have already purchased.

I fear that if I purchase that, it will be of no use, because Ring has my incorrect address (it was incorrect in Google Maps).

I fear that the certificate will display the wrong address.

Also, emergency services will be sent to the wrong town.

Form other posts, it sounds like people who were stuck with the incorrect address could not even get professional monitoring set up.

I am also highly concerned because I have been trying for weeks to get hold of Ring customer service, and cannot. What happens when there is an actual emergency?

Things are looking very concerning, and I fear that I have started down the wrong track and am now throwing good money after bad.

Hi @SamAndreas. If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Change Address (from the account you have the incorrect address on), are you able to update it here? In the event you can still not update the old address, you can move over all Doorbells and Cameras to the proper address. You will go each device at a time, but go into the Main Menu > Devices > Select Device > Device Settings > General Settings > Location and then you will select the correct location and hit save. This will move over the device, and once all devices are moved over, you can give our support team a call here. They can help move over the plan for you so that you are set up for future with nothing to worry about on that front.

In regards to Professional Monitoring that we offer, it is only offered for the Ring Alarm system. You cannot have your Doorbells and Cameras professionally monitored, as they do not “set off an alarm” like the Ring Alarm system does. When the Ring Alarm system goes off when you are away or for whatever reason, you will get a call from our Central Monitoring Station, which is a dedicated team that calls our neighbors in the event of an emergency. This is a third party company that we use, so they have not been affected from COVID-19 like our support team has. You can learn more about how this has affected our support teams here. You can learn more about Professional Monitoring here.

Once you give our team a call after moving over the devices, they will get the plan sorted out for you in no time. If you would like to buy a Ring Alarm system and be professionally monitored, our team can help you get that sorted out as well in the same call. They can also help you with moving over the devices and getting the address situation sorted out. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns that I could help out with! :slight_smile: