Protect Plus Discount not applied on Amazon

Ring Protect Plus account and Prime account linked. One the app I select the items I want and it sends me to Amazon. No discount is added at check out. I got to and I can get the discount through them. The help section says the discount is only through however, it also says the discount is available if the accounts are linked. Which one is it? Can I do it or not?

The discount is only for items purchased through
I too have noticed how the links in the apps go to Amazon. Don’t know why unless they want to sell the item at full price and hope you don’t notice.

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Right. 10% only applies to direct purchase through Ring. But wait until the next Amazon Prime Day and save way more than 10% on Ring products plus excellent customer support like tracking, returns, etc.

There’s a certain warehouse club that sells a small set of Ring products at even better deals. So if you are a member you can take advantage of their discount. Unfortunately, for the past year they’ve had problems keeping items in stock.
As you recommend, if someone isn’t in a hurry for an item they should wait for sales as paying full price is for the birds. :laughing:

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