Product Suggestion - Keypads

The overwhelming majority of alarm systems use a numeric keypad as their main user interface - this includes most so called ‘smart’ alarm systems. Yes ‘smart’ alarm systems may have an ‘app’ as well with additional capabilities but this still show a complete lack of imagination by manufacturers.

What seems an obvious improvement but sadly does not seem to exist in real life would be to have a touch screen display aka a ‘tablet’. This could display various information an screens including a numeric keypad for entering alarm codes but most importantly could also display a plan view of a house showing each alarm sensor. This touch screen view could then be used to see which sensor has been triggered and also to far more easily configure those sensors and/or indivudually enable or disable sensors. (Something that on traditional alarm systems is almost pure torture as it requires entering long numeric codes.) You could even have Ring cameras on this plan view and when one is selected you can view the feed from that camera. Or you could have a door with a supported smart lock and unlock/lock the door. Yes all of this can be currently done in existing system but not with the obvious and far more user friendly plan view interface I am proposing.

This could all be done in the standard smart alarm ‘app’ but most people would still want a permanently installed wall mounted system as well. Since it could be done in the app this means it could be achieved by having a tablet running the app permanently. The option should be to have this interface instead of the keypad not in addition otherwise you would have to have two wall mounted system. As in the case of Ring the keypad is not part of the base controller unlike some other brands this would be easier to achieve for RIng.

There are some enterprise building management systems that come close to this with a plan view of the building but I have not found a single alarm system that does this.

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I think this could be simplified by adding a plugin/mode to the Alexa Show devices. I can already use the Show to verbally switch to any of my Nest cameras (haven’t tried Ring ones). This could also be a huge benefit for the glaring Keypad defect which is unable to tell you WHICH sensor needs to be overrideen.