Product Launch: Video Doorbell Pro 2

So my pro 2 just arrived and the ring website says that it comes with a digital code for 1 free faceplate. I’ve been all through the box and cannot find this code. Could someone please point me in the right direction?

The code gets emailed to you about a day later after you have installed it.

The low lit LED could be indicative of needing a higher 24 VAC 40 VA transformer if your current transformer is 16 VAC 30 VA or lower even if your Ring Ap isn’t showing any power issues on Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. I’ve seen on numerous forums people having similar issues w/ their Video Doorbell Pro’s LED being really weak or only partially lit but no other issues w/ their Video Doorbell Pro’s and #1 fix used was upgrading their Doorbell Pro transformers to the 24 VAC 40 VA max allowed. Video Doorbell Pro 2 might have similar LED issue like the Video Doorbell Pro’s? Perhaps check voltage at your Doorbell again first just to make sure it’s getting at least recommended minimum if it’s under 24 VAC 40 VA transformer may help strengthen your Pro 2’s LED illumination?

I am in the UK and you get a Ring 24VDC Gen 2 Din Rail transformer in the box with the pro 2. This is the one I am using which was installed by a professional electrician. Interestingly they have switched to a 24VDC transformer in the box where it used to be 24VAC in the old Pro 1 however both support AC and DC. It is def not the transformer causing the LED issue as its happening on every Ring Pro 2. If you check out any of the reviews on YouTube (eg LifeHackster etc) you will notice the same and its even mentioned by them. Now you could be onto something in that 24V isn’t enough to run all the features on the Pro 2 as well as the LED however I am not sure it would have got past testing if this was the case. I am still of the opinion this is either a manufacturing defect in the first batch of Pro 2’s or a firmware issue of some kind.

Oh well at least you’ve ruled that out. Perhaps it’s as you say that Ring acknowledges low LED w/ some Pro 2’s?

There is another thread on the forum specifically about this LED issue and one of the Ring staff did post and say that it was being fed back I think to the engineering team. Were a little cagey and didn’t give a timescale which I suppose is understandable. I have also raised it with Ring Support UK and I know others have as well. Ring for sure know this is an issue they have to as the Pro 2’s that all the ring staff have installed at home will be having the same issue :rofl: They are probably trying to work out first is it hardware or firmware. Then if its hardware how do they respond as they will need to replace all impacted Pro 2’s which is basically every device currently out there at the moment. Its a shame as the Pro 2 otherwise I have found to be superb.

Thanks for the heads up on this LED issue. I’ll look around on other forums too to see if anyone has found a fix yet. If it’s firmware hopefully we can update using the Ring Ap but if it’s hardware that would probably mean we’re stuck w/ weak LED or exchanging ours which they may not want to bother doing?

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Firmware would be the ideal fix. However if its hardware I think they will exchange them if you contact them. However dont want to be doing that until we know the issue is fixed. I dont think they will do a mass recall etc as for many people they may not care or notice. However it does cause real issues during set up as you literally cant see the status light. The other side is aesthetics, this is is the top of the line doorbell (if you don’t count the Elite) so it should look as good as possible.

It might even be better then the current elite 9 (for now at least) since it has better 1536p HD, 3D motion detection w/ bird’s eye view. When Ring come’s out w/ a new elite I’m sure it will get 1536p HD upgrade too. After seeing how nice the Pro 2 video was for the 13 hours mine worked perfectly until my under powered transformer gave out, I knew I wouldn’t be happy w/ any other current wired or battery model. Even w/ a weaker LED the Pro 2’s 150 vertical alone & 1536p HD video have won me over.

LED light is horrendous and so dim, I can’t even see it at night!

I cant see it any time of day its so bad :rofl:

Unfortunately, I continue to experience a variety of problems with my Ring Doorbell Pro 2. The most serious ones, however, are associated with Motion Detection-related features which trigger the creation of video clips.

Sadly, there is a dramatic difference between the Motion Detection capability of this device and that of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro it replaced. (I obviously would not have purchased this device if I knew that would be the case.)

This morning, I performed more detailed experiments and confirmed that motion/activity must occur much closer to this doorbell (than to the Pro model) in order to trigger the creation of a video clip. This obviously constitutes a serious privacy/security issue.

I’m a bit surprised that more owners of Ring Doorbell Pro 2 devices aren’t reporting this type of problem. I’m wondering if most people are only concerned with activity that occurs relatively close to their door… or if they have no frame of reference (because this is their first Ring doorbell).

Hi @Frustrated427. I would suggest looking at Caitlyns Guide to Optimizing your Doorbells Motion Detection. Getting a new doorbell to detection motion the way you expect it to can be a bit of trial and error. I hope that after making a few adjustments, you can get your Ring Pro 2 to work as intended. You can find the guide here. I hope this helps.

Tom_Ring -

Thanks for the suggestion, but I didn’t see anything that looked like it would be helpful.

This is not my first Ring device, nor is it my first wired Ring doorbell.

There are definitely (serious) problems when attempting to use the Motion Zone feature for use with a Ring Doorbell Pro 2. The problems are even worse if you try to configure two or three zones. It’s not clear if these problems may be causing some (or all) of the issues. I have reported them in great detail, multiple times, and asked they be escalated to your design team. So far, however, there appears to be no Ring app update available.

(I just saw a post from another Ring Doorbell Pro 2 user complaining about the bugs in the Motion Zone Feature.)

Does the Widge Kit for Pro (8KPWP8-B000) work with the Pro 2?

I dont think so as the shape of the Pro 2 is slightly different. It might line up regards screw holes but I dont think it will sit flush or really fit properly.

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Agreed. I received a welcome email but not an email about how to get the free faceplate.

I just received my replacement Pro2 for my original Pro. So far, so good. Setup was very simple. I like that the holes lined up with the original Pro. The head to toe view looks good and the 3D motion feature seems to be working well so far. The sound quality is much improved. The night vision is about the same as before.

I also installed the new power adaptor v3 (replacement for v2 from original Pro) on the mechanical chime. That is also working by design when I press the new Pro2 doorbell button. So it rings both my mechanical chime and my Ring Chime Pro simultaneously. I like it setup like this in case the Ring Chime has a glitch which happens from time to time.

Overall, I’m happy with the Pro2. By the way, I replaced mine based on the old Pro being about 4 years old and developed a film on the front glass which causing poor video quality.

Hopefully some of the issues being posted here are resolved with newer firmware updates.