Product Launch: Video Doorbell 3 Plus

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is here! Our premium battery-powered video doorbell has some cool new options. Check them out, below.

Video Doorbell 3 Plus feature highlights:

  • Pre-Roll - This feature allows you to see an additional four seconds of video before the motion event was even triggered. This video is in black and white and in low resolution to conserve your battery life.
  • Near Zone feature - an additional “near” motion zone that provides motion detection in areas only 5 to 15 feet in front of your device (reducing irrelevant Motion Notifications further away).
  • 1080p HD video with night vision
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Dual band wifi that work on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks
  • Two-way talk with noise cancellation
  • Privacy zones

If you’re interested in adding this new video doorbell to your setup, then you might enjoy the Ring Help Center articles below that are packed with more information.

Note: We are excited for you to get your new Video Doorbell 3 Plus up and running! Once you connect your new Video Doorbell 3 Plus to wifi it might take up to five minutes for it to get all its latest and greatest firmware updates. Then you will be ready to experience all your Video Doorbell 3 Plus has to offer!

We want to hear what you think of the new Video Doorbell 3 Plus. Reply below with your feedback and questions!

I currently have a v2 doorbell can I trade in or exchange for the v3 plus one, I also have the chime Pro too

Hey, @msurty. Ring does not offer upgrades or exchanges for the recently released products. If you are within 30 days of buying your Ring Video Doorbell 2 or Chime Pro (first generation), you can always return those devices for a 30 day refund, and then purchase the newer Chime Pro and the Ring Video Doorbell 3. For an instance that you have had those devices longer than 30 days, we cannot do exchanges for newer devices. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

hello and thank you for your reply Chelsea. I actually spoke to an agent a few days ago on the phone who advised the exact opposite? He advised I could upgrade to the ring doorbell plus for £20 . I am not sure how your systems and notes work internally but can confirm I made the call on 18th April @9am GMT time where the agent advised I could do this . Please advise as I have been advised I was able to as I have done before when I exchanged my v1 doorbell for the 2nd too.

Hi @msurty thanks for your patience while we confirmed a few things on our side! It does appear we have a trade in program through Amazon. At this time, that program is only available in the US. I apologize about any confusion here and will ensure that all team members are made aware of this. I will certainly be in touch as well with any programs for our neighbors across the pond :slight_smile:

Jennifer , so where does that leave me as i was very specifically advised that i would be able to upgrade do the doorbell plus 3 when it is released in the UK. I have had the last two generations this way. Surely you would not go back on your promised word to a loyal customer?

Unfortunately, @msurty I am following the policies we have in place. I do apologize that you were misinformed and as mentioned, we will ensure all team members are brought up to speed with accurate information. I will certainly get in touch with our team and advise the want of a trade in program for UK. Thank you.

Hi Is it necessary to have Alexa with the Ring 3?

Hi @BWA! An Alexa enabled device is not required to use any Ring products. All you need is a sufficient wifi connection and the Ring app on a compatible mobile device and you’ll be able to fully enjoy the Video Doorbell 3!

While an Alexa enabled device is not required to use any Ring device, it can certainly add features and automation depending on device and Alexa skills used. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: