Procedure for Migrating from Protect Plan Annual to Protect Plus Annual

I presently have 3 Ring cameras on the Protect Plan (Annual). I have recently purchased a 4th Ring camera and now want to migrate my plan to Protect Plus (seeing as I now have 4 cameras). What is the correct way to change to the Protect Plus plan and get “credit” for the remaining time on my Protect Plan (it auto-renews in Nov 2022). (I am currently on the 30 day trial on the 4th cam, but guess I need to change existing cams to Protect Plus first).

Thanks for any help, not much current info on doing this and getting prorated credit for my “to be” old plan.

As we are just fellow users and have no access to your account info it’d likely be best to reach out to Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help) which does.
Be aware, wait times are long and it make take a couple calls until you reach an agent that can assist.

Well, called Ring and that was a wake up. Because I have a camera at a physically different location, it has its own account with a separate plan charge. She says that I can’t have all 4 cams on the same plan. Had I known this before I got the 4th cam, it might not have been a Ring. Extremely disappointed. (Oh yeah, I asked about resetting the cam to default and doing a re-install, using the address of the other cams, NO, can’t do that…REALLY?).

Makes sense and not surprised. I’m sure they wouldn’t want someone to have say a dozen cameras spread across 1/2 dozen locations to be only on one paying account.
Kind of like the sharing-login problem that streaming services have.
I’d be surprised if other services like Ring would allow you to have multi-locations without paying for each.
C’est la vie.