Problem with Ring App on my phone?

I can no longer use my ring app. I can’t find my devices (cameras, base, motion sensor…). It looks like I have to register all my devices once again. I’ve been using this app for weeks and it’s the 1st time I have this issue.

Any clue ?


Ok. my problem is solved thanks to Mariel from the Spanish (Colombian) helpline. The French one (since I m French) doesn’t seem to work when you call them. My problem was in the app itself. I couldn’t find the base unit (only my cameras). I couldn’t even find the 3 “buttons” for modes.

I tried to register my base unit like the 1st time but I had a message saying that this base was already connected to another account ??!!. Apparently, my home direction was entered twice in the app. So, Mariel helped me out by checking few things with me. I had to uninstall the app and download it again. Everything worked perfectly after this.

Thanks you very much Mariel. Thank God I can speak Spanish too.