Problem using Samsung Mobile

Spent an hour on this last week with Customer Support but they couldn’t fix.
When I try to look at video in event history it will not play. I get a message “Hmm, something went wrong. There was an error when trying to play video” I can play video when I am on “Front door” and scroll back over the last few hours
When I use Ring on my Laptop and Tablet I can play video in event history and Front Door.
So there is a problem of compatibility with my Samsung Android Galaxy A20e.
Any suggestions most welcome.

Hi @Pomerol. I would suggest looking over this list here to see if you have any apps installed that are conflicting with the Ring app. Also, be sure that your Ring app is up to date as well as the OS for you Android phone. I hope this helps!

Had a couple of the Apps which I uninstalled and checked Android was up to date but unfortunately the problem persists.
Thanks for replying.