Pro Power Kit Really Needed for Ring Doorbell Pro? (Mechanical Doorbell)

I have a mechanical doorbell (“Ding” “Dong”) and the Ring Doorbell Pro came with a Ring Pro Power Kit that I installed via the instructions. I connected the wires to the Front and Trans screws as directed then proceeded to install the Ring Doorbell Pro. Once installed, whenever I’d ring the doorbell, I’d only hear “Ding” and no “Dong”. I thought it was an error with the doorbell so I took it off and reconfigured everything. I unpaired it with Alexa since that was a known issue, double-checked the in app settings for Chime setting and it was indeed on Mechanical, even deleted the device and set it up again. Still a “Ding” but no “Dong”…

So, I went back to the doorbell box where the Pro Power Kit was installed and started playing around with that. I had my wife ring the bell so I could watch the mechanisms. You could see the “Ding” pedal move and the “Dong” pedal remained stationary. I repositioned the Pro Power Kit wires, no difference, then I flip/flopped the wires even though they say it doesn’t matter and still on difference. As I was starting to try something else, I had it disconnected from the Trans. screw but left it attached to the Front screw. Doorbell rings. Both pedals move. Voila! “Ding” “Dong”. I reattached it to the Trans. screw. Only “Ding”. I disconnected from the Transformer again and left it attached at the Front screw. “Ding” “Dong”

There lies my question – do you NEED to have the Pro Power Kit connected to the transformer? Mine doesn’t work correctly when it’s connected via the instructions. When It’s not connected to the Trans., it works fine. Will this damage the doorbell mechanism over time?

Glad you asked, @DJMT1287! As mentioned in our help center article about the Pro Power Kit, it is indeed required for the Video Doorbell Pro to function properly.

Great call on checking your home chime kit settings in the Ring app. Feel free to also visit this Hardwiring Checklist for the Video Doorbell Pro, which include links for chime kit compatibility and more! :slight_smile: