Pro doorbell zones do not work

Zones do not work. I have set up a zone so the sidewalk and street are not included, yet I still get notifications of the full camera view. I’ve read a lot of old threads on this, so it seems Ring has not yet fixed this software issue?

FYI it is a hardwire model

Hi @SisuLady. If you have your Motion Zones configured correctly, but you are still having issues, it could be due to how your Doorbell is positioned. This Help Center article here has some great tips for optimizing your Doorbell. You may need to add a wedge for the best experience.

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I’ve been seeing the same symptoms.

BACKGROUND: I have the doorbell 4 installed about chin-high (~58") as you stand on the driveway facing my front gate. The gate is above the drive with 3 steps leading up to it. From the top step, the doorbell is the recommended 48" top-step-to-doorbell-center.

Since there’s a downhill grade in my drive, that makes the doorbell more like 60" above where cars travel, well above the “recommended” mounting height.

PROBLEM: I’ve made changes to the zones and sensitivity for motion, but it still detects cars going by as people. My zones stop before the sidewalk and road, but I still see detections. Not from every vehicle, but a few times a day – less often at night.

The current mounting height is a good location when using the doorbell. It’s a challenge, however, to conform to the recommended mounting height when the floor is a sloped drive.

It’s annoying, but so far, it’s not caused any “real” problems. I’d rather get too many alerts than not enough, if you know what I mean!

Hi @moosed. You can also try adding a Wedge Kit to you doorbell. This will angle it down slightly, which aids in accurate motion detection. You can find Wedge Kits here. I hope this helps!

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I have the same problem