Pro 2 LED ring too dim

@Marley_Ring @Tom_Ring Hi guys is there any more info on this. I installed one of the Ring Wired Doorbells yesterday for a family member and the LED ring on that was about 5 or 10 times brighter than the Pro 2. It would be really good to get a solution to this be it a firmware fix or ability to exchange for a new device. Its the main thing spoiling the Pro 2 for me at the moment.

I’d be curious if there are any Pro 2s out there that have “normal” brightness LEDs, or if they’re all dim? I may attempt to exchange mine under warranty soon.

@jra85 My understanding is that they are all like this and have the dim LED. Most assume its a manufacturing issue so I have been holding off any sort of warranty claim until I know its been fixed.

@Tom_Ring @Marley_Ring Hi Guys. Has there been any more info around this?

@Tom_Ring , @Marley_Ring

Hello gentlemen,

My ring Pro 2 LED is also way too dim. I noticed that this problem has been around since early April. Are you planning to resolve this issue?

Chuck Ladd

Hi neighbors. This concern has be brought to the attention of the team that oversees this device. At this time, there is no new information to be passed along. When new information does become available, one of the Moderators here in the Community will gladly update you with all the information we have at that time. Thank you for your patience.

Yes. I had the same issue!

Just installed a couple of days ago. I have the same issue. It’s a pain during setup but more concerning is that the bright ring acted as a deterrent for no-goodniks. Hopefully they come out with a fix or replace the defective units soon.

@Marley_Ring @Tom_Ring Giving this one a slight nudge to see if there is any more info from the engineering teams. The issue is still on going and I am aware the Pro 2 has been out for about 5 months now.

Thank you for returning for an update, @bemak187. After much investigation and consideration of these concerns, we’ve been informed by our teams here that the Pro LED brightness is as it should be. The LED circle around the Pro 2 button is less bright than other models by design. Thus, there is no concern to troubleshoot as the brightness is intended.

Of course, they have received all of your feedback on the matter, and we do appreciate you all sharing your experiences with us.

@Marley_Ring Thanks for the update. However it is not what everyone was wanting to hear. I cannot see how an engineering team have signed this off as normal function. It needs to be referred back to them for further investigation and if its a design flaw then it needs to be called out. You cannot see the light at all in the sun and its only barely visible in any daylight which is a set up issue. I know of a few people who thought the device was stuck or not in set up mode as they couldn’t seen the light. I also know its been noted by your pro installers. At night you need to be very close to even see the glow. I know its been said before in the thread already but you have to see it in person to understand how bad it is. The new wired doorbell which costs about a quarter the price has an excellent LED. I have installed a couple of these for relatives and the light on that is 5 or 6 times brighter than the Pro 2. The Pro 2 led light ring is the only one in the Ring range like this, why was it designed so different and when there is a Pro 2 v2 revision will the light be the same or will it be switched to a better performing LED?

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Just switched from my old Pro doorbell to the Pro 2 today because the old unit died after several years of good service. I installed an official Ring heavy duty transformer before installing this new unit and I agree with everyone else on this thread. I spent quite a bit of wasted time thinking the unit wasn’t getting power when I would go outside and there were no indicator lights.

To come out and say that it is designed this way is an insult to all of us customers. Do you really expect all of us to believe that you have put out a product in which you literally instruct us to set up and troubleshoot it by using the LED ring as a guide and then admit that it is too dim to even see?

This smells like a rotten herring of the highest order and your company needs to address this NOW! Don’t feed us this “it’s supposed to be that way” garbage. It’s extremely offensive to me as a consumer.

I will say this… if any of you reading this thread are product reviewers, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to this thread and spread the info far and wide. If Ring doesn’t resolve this ASAP with its initial loyal customers, please tell the world that this is an inferior product and the company’s engineering team seems to be okay with that. A few hundred thousand fewer sales might get their attention.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the product otherwise seems great, but this obvious and glaring defect cannot be allowed to stand unchallenged, and potential customers need to be warned about it before they spend their hard earned money on something that hasn’t had the bugs worked out yet.

Yeah, the only way I see this being “by design” is if they needed to allocate power to other components and couldn’t spare the (probably) miniscule additional amount required to power brighter LEDs. I’m thinking this is a manufacturing defect and to avoid replacing who knows how many units under warranty, it’s deemed to be as expected and a subsequent hardware revision will have brighter ones as “an improvement”.

@Marley_Ring @Tom_Ring Guys can this be looked at at a more senior level within Ring please? There is zero chance the Pro 2 made it through testing and sign off with the LED being so poor. Since it hasn’t been fixed by firmware and the feedback now seems to be this is how it is supposed to be basically bring us to manufacturing. Either the final devices are different from the test units signed off or there has been an issue with manufacturing in that a poor quality/less powerful LED or LEDs were used. The issue was acknowledged about 5 months ago and was referred back internally within Ring. This issue is present on all Pro 2’s and I suspect that has now been established as the case. Ring are either faced with replace them all or sign off that since all Pro 2’s are like this that is just how things are. I am almost certain that this issue with quietly be sorted and Pro 2’s will start appearing with better performing LEDs either as a minor update to the build process or as part of a v2 revision of the product.

Just nudging this one again to see if we can get any more update.

I came on to see if there was any update on this issue. It’s really annoying me that people aren’t ‘seeing’ my doorbell because there’s no visible light in the day. What’s the point of it if only 1 in every 10 people coming to my door use the bell?? I was thinking of getting more Ring devices but my experience with this is steering me to replace the bell with a different make and leaving Ring altogether.

LesleyE -

Have you taken a carefully look at each video clip in which the person did not ring the doorbell?

If so, I think you may find that they did, indeed, see the Ring doorbell – but choose not to press the button. The reason, presumably, is that they are under the impression that a video clip will only be created if the doorbell button is pressed. In other words, they don’t want to appear in a video clip that is under the control of someone other than themselves.

Interestingly, I think you may find the same behavior in people who have a Ring doorbell installed at their own home. When they see your Ring doorbell, instead of pressing the doorbell button, they will attempt to use an alternate method of gaining your attention (such as knocking on the door, calling you from their cellphone, etc.)

Just giving this one another nudge. Curious if people are still seeing this issue with brand new Pro 2’s or if the manufacturing issues have been resolved as of yet?

Same here new customer too, not happy about the lack of light around the push, I had trouble setting it up due to this, fortunately I got it a few days ago and am considering returning for another product.