Privacy Concerns With Ring Products

There have been a number of articles published recently indicating that Ring products may have been hacked, as well as that Ring is mining and giving away our personal information.

How are those concerns being addressed by Ring and Amazon?

Hi @JerseyLady55. While our investigation is ongoing, we do not have any evidence that this issue is related to a breach or compromise of Ring’s system or network. Customer trust is important to us, and we have notified users whose accounts we have identified as exposed and have reset their passwords. In addition, we are continuing to monitor for and block potentially unauthorized login attempts. We’ve also contacted all Ring customers, encouraging them to enable two-factor authentication, change their passwords, and follow important best practices for keeping their accounts secure, linked here:

Starting in February, we’ll be making further security updates including two-step verification. Users will be able to use two-step verification to manually authorize any new client device that attempts to log in with correct credentials before that device can gain access to the Ring account. And now, two-factor authentication will be the default setting for new accounts and all new device setups, including those on existing accounts.

We would also like to let you know that Ring is not in the business of selling your personal information. However, it is necessary for Ring to share your information with certain third parties in order for you to be able to use your Ring device and associated services or for them to perform services on our behalf. At the core of Ring is respect for the privacy and security of our users, and we continue to evaluate ways in which we can provide you with even more control of your devices and personal information. We plan to provide our users with updates when available.

Thank you, Jennifer, for your quick and courteous explanation and reply. It’s much appreciated.

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