I find it odd that iCloud storage is 99cent a month and ring is $30 a month for one device… I don’t need them to store all the bug videos I get .

If you go and research the costs of each system you’ll find that Ring is the least expensive of all for 60 days of storage. The iCloud for 99 cents would never have enough room. Their $10 is limited as well. Ring has no limits… So $2.50 a month for basic is not bad at all. And plus is $8.33 a month and includes extended warranties and such.

I have a ring door bell just to let me know when packages get here . It’s $ 30 a year . Security isn’t a issue unless you don’t like deer , turkey , elk and bear . If I lived in a city this would work . I have security cameras in my house that cost me nothing unless I want to store the video’s on there site . You buy but it isn’t truly yours because of monthly charge 's . They hold your video hostage .

I pay the $100 a year. It covers my alarm and cameras. It also has monitoring too. And the extended warranty is a huge plus. I have 3 indoor cams, 3 outside cams and the alarm. I’m getting my monies worth. I also have a wired camera system that records 24/7. I live in the suburbs but I was robbed once while home and asleep. I’ve learned since then. Caught a few sneaking around. And a few trying to get into my cars. I’m not in a bad area but they come here because it’s not… Forgot my best recent security feature, my dog who hears everything.

Open range has its benefits . No people .

That sounds nice. 3 more years until retirement. I’d be happy to get away from neighbors I can see from my windows.